Profesora Angélica Soler

Founder and creator of Meditación en tí, meditators training school

Specialist in meditation and breathing for managing emotions, stress and anxiety. Meditation and deep relaxation guide, speaker and wellness coach.

Yoga and meditation instructor, certified in Hatha Radja Traditional yoga, therapeutic yoga, Power Vinyasa Yoga and Atmananda Yoga affiliated to Yoga Alliance.

Director and founder of Neutra Bienestar, business coach and therapist of traditional Japanese Reiki, crystal therapy, hypnosis and PER regression. She is currently a candidate for the Master's degree in meditation, relaxation and mindfulness at the University of Barcelona.


I'm a publicist and a Yoga disciplined practicioner since 2004. I'm an Atmananda sequence certified Yoga teacher (200 h).

Every time a lead a Yoga class I put the best of me in order to my students keep the connection between their breathing and their movements.

It makes me happy when students manifest their physical and mental progress as a Yoga practicioners.


With a background in fitness world as an aerobics, step, spinning, functional training, pilates and TRX teacher, Freddy have entered in Yoga practice and teaching 9 years ago looking for share the idea - in every class - Yoga is not what you practice on your mat but what you do daily. The more important flexibility is not in your body but in your mind and emotions. The master degree doesn't come with a Yoga teacher certification but in what you learn from your students, in how they learn and the safety they feel when they are properly guided, inspired, respected and cared.

The most important thing is every student can develop their potencial, grow as a person and enjoy of their 'differences' in prectice and live.
Freddy teach Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga, AcroYoga y Yoga Sport


  • Intro in Yoga training on Education - RYE Uruguay
  • Yoga for family and kids - Rainbow Kids Yoga
  • Acro Yoga workshop - EcoYoga (Venezuela)
  • Power Yoga and the mind (36 h) - Power Yoga Colombia with Martin Morris
  • Thai Yoga massage (12 h) - Arte de Sanación Budista with Deva Kumar
  • Yoga training - Spa La Clemencia con Adriana Monroy


I started my path on Yoga in 2011 looking for an alternative to tradicional medicine. I fell in love with this practice since the beggining. I've learned to gracefully answer to spins and jumps of life passing through my own inabilities and feeling from my own experience life is a path of love, self realization and growing. I've also learned the existence of ancient, organic and wise designs to give us back our hability to heal ourselves finding union and balance between our body, mind and soul.

I'm a HATHA RADJA YOGA certified teacher, I've studied with Sri Andrei Ram, Sar Purkh Kaur and Guru Dip Singh in life school: Happy Yoga Colombia. In 2017 I studied Thai Massage with Ata Baechler in Happy Yoga Colombia and ATAYOGA


Tatiana is a Yoga practicioner since 2000. For many years she have been a student of the ancestral practice of Yoga and its philosophy, waking to - from discipline and continuity - a real awareness of its phisical, mental and spiritual benefits.

She have always followed Dharma Mittra lineage and from there she started sharing her knowledge as a teacher in 2010 in differents places in Bogotá, including social service to vulnerable women.

She have specialized herself in Hatha Raja Yoga with Master Andrei Ram in 2013.

She is convinced - by her own experiences - constant Yoga practice, guided as a main regent for pranayama (breathing), is a powerful ally to enter in a deep and smooth connection with oneself and the world. Yoga is an consiousness expansion path,a tool tha allows you inhabit your own been as a whole and a powerful option to find wellness and health in mind, body and soul as an unit.


Graduated from the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga in Social Communication.

10 years of practice sharing in a self-taught and formal way, have allowed me to develop an integral profile.

From the application of various communication tools, I share yoga as a contribution of a methodology with excellent results.

Alignment from body biomechanics, balance in the management of energy, flexibility, physical and mental strength are some of the benefits that guarantee the design of the particular and exclusive practice.

Among the lines of yoga I share there are: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, dynamic meditation-breathing. Breathing practices such as pranayama and pranamudrasana (exclusive technique of Uniyoga school). I study a master's degree in Yoga with the teacher Alirio Agudelo at UNIYOGA School.

'Between the expression of consciousness that I AM and the expression of matter that condenses in the body, there is the divine flow. Breathe it'


Emotional and Mental trainer, professional in health's area, Physiotherapy, with emphasis in Holistic medicine. I work as a Therapist, Tallerist, Motivator, Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister and Citizen, convinced it's possible to awake in you and me the awareness of the Wealth that inhabits us. My experience in this area has led me to recognize, as Stephen R. Covey says, that we are not human beings looking for spiritual experiences, but Spiritual Beings inhabiting this human experience.

And yes, this experience in which various roles are carried out holistically (in oneself, at home, at work, in the study, in the community), all complementary and influential among themselves, but none excluding from directing the process of empowerment and self-knowledge of our BEING.

I studied Physiotherapy at the University of Rosario and - in the last year of my career - I made the decision to go deeper and add studies on Alternative Medicine in Vibrational Therapeutics, opening the great door to know it's it not exclusive about the body but the healing comes as a consequence of having accepted, understood, forgiven and liberated emotions, thoughts and limiting beliefs.

I have trained Foot Reflexology; Flower Essences and Sacred Geometry (Polyhedra) with Santiago Rojas; Reiki up to the Shihan level (Master), Crystal therapy with Alejandra Salatino, Therapy with angels initially guided by Maria Elvira Pombo and later complemented with Charles Virtue the AACP (Advange Angel Certification Program); EFT Emotional Freedom Technique: Advanced Trainer (Emotional Freedom Technique) with Till Shilling of the Hispano-American EFT Association; complement the Essential Leadership and Coherence Program; and the most recent contact of wisdom Enneagram under the loving guidance of Roberto Perez.

Each one of these meetings of wisdom, my own personal process and the process of each of the people I accompany in consultations and workshops, have led me to conclude and connect that all knowledge leads to a common denominator: Love. Therefore all this to tell you that I dedicate myself to Love and experiencing all the miracles and wonders that manifest themselves while you Love and leave your contribution to the world with the Best Version of You.

And when you stay in this practice, in this way, you realize we are many, and you simply know the people, you find those places in which Love Blooms, and Neutra Bienestar is one of them.


I'm like the older sister who guides, here I am to share the information I have received and processed thanks to the self-practice of Hatha Raja Yoga and the study of myself. I am a loving and creative Yoga teacher (HathaYoga - Vinyasa Yoga - Therapeutic Yoga - Yoga for children - Meditation) in formation for 5 years with the teachers of HappyyogaColombia and Natural Yoga.

I think in practice, as in life, breathing is the most important thing, it is the entrance to the bodies: mental, physical and energetic. We can all practice Yoga, it is a trip to the interior, of self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-realization. Each practice is unique as each practitioner, is progressive, without expectations, there is no different goal to live in the present to improve the passage through life and the way of relating to ourselves and others.

I am a publicist graduated from the UJTL, with 18 years of experience participating in creative processes and graphic communication, design and illustration as an employee and as a freelancer. I dance jazz and afro, disciplines that have given me vitality, union and with with Yoga, I have made more aware of this present continuum.


I am a Business Administrator with an specialty in Marketing management, I was part of corporate world during 11 years working in marketing and communications.

I was always motivated for a search and connection with present moment and the observation of my own thoughts, that's the reason I alternated my work and formal studies with Yoga and meditation practice. In 1997 I got my first Trascendental Meditation certification in Maharishi Mahesh Foundation.
A couple of years later, life shaked me with an unexpected mourning, leading me to complement my practice with alternative therapies. These therapies have helped me to recognize my deepest emotions and to be aware of my inner strength. That path and my baby birth in 2009 pushed me - with two partners - to establish an Alternative Therapies Center where I dedicate myself exclusively in healing process accompaniment.

At present I've certifications as Spiritual Therapist, Reiki Therapist and Atmananda Yoga teacher. These tools facilitate and complement each process with my private consulting patients. The purpose of my therapies is to level inner energy, opening channels to release pain, suffering and emotional blocking. I work with private and group meditation sessions.

Additionally I have developed a social project with the goal of bring meditation to schools and prisons in Bogotá. At present I lead a child's group of meditation in La Calera and a group of recluses in Buen Pastor prison.

Miguel Rico

Miguel Alejandro Rico Buitrago (kusaladhammika) disenador grafico, musico aficionado, ex monje budista e instructor de yoga y meditacion de la ciudad de Bogota, Colombia.

Con 12 anos de experiencia esta dedicado a estudiar, practicar y compartir las diferentes vertientes del yoga y la practica de la meditacion de un modo secular y moderno.

Inspirado en el camino monastico budista ha viajado y vivido en diferentes monasterios budistas en Europa y Asia, aprendiendo de varios maestros laicos y monasticos, las diferentes ensenanzas y diversas tecnicas de meditacion de las tradiciones vajrayāna, mahāyāna y theravāda.

En el 2017 bajo la guia de su mentor Āyasmā Ariyadhammika se ordena como monje novicio (samanera) en en Sri Lanka dentro de la tradicion budista Theravāda y desde su regreso como laico hasta la actualidad comparte en la capital bogotana y a sus alrededores, todos sus conocimientos y aprendizajes sobre la meditacion y el yoga a traves de talleres, clases en linea y presenciales en diversos estudios de yoga, centros de salud y empresas.




Masseur and therapist.
In 2015 I began my training in Thai massage and I've finished it in 2016, I have been practicing actively since then.

In 2016 I started my training in Gestalt Integrative Psychotherapy, deepening my personal and body process and discovering tools for my practice of Thai Massage.

I am currently studying body movement and bioenergetics, that has allowed me to deepen in an authentic contact with my body and from this place to accompany others from the Thai Massage in the integration of body, energy and mind.




Registered teacher with the title E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) in Yoga Alliance. He is the author of the books 'A Clear and Definite Path' and 'The Lower Back Bible' and is a producer of various Yoga DVDs.

Fred is a specialist in the use of therapeutic sequences of Yoga, healthy eating, therapeutic massage and Shiatsu.
He is the founder and director of Brickell Hot Yoga in Miami, Florida and for 20 years have prepared yoga teachers around the world: Miami, New York, Denver, Aruba, Dominican Republic, London, Paris, Malta, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Panama, Bogotá and Lima, Peru. His program is one of the most recognized and complete at present times.

In 2008 he led the first teacher training - endorsed by the Yoga Alliance - in Lima, Peru. That teacher training marked the beginning of the growth of the Yoga community in this city, since it he has trained around 90 teachers, many of whom successfully teach classes in LimaYoga and other centers.

He currently conducts Yoga retreats in India, Kenya and at his new Salamadhi ranch-retreat in Colorado.