We believe

The best teacher is you, here we will receive you with open arms to guide your search for your inner Master, to help you remember who you truly are, to you recognize yourself, to you walk away of suffering and go back to a HEALTHY AND HAPPY life.


We want to guide you to find balance and peace. That peace that belongs already to you and can be present forever in your life if you choose to embrace it.

We are

Neutra Bienestar is a place to find balance, when you are at peace, you remain at a neutral point. Our interest is the awakening, to return to love, for the development of the inner being, so you remember you can be Healthy and Happy.

Here You will find Yoga classes, Meditation and Alternative Therapies such as: Reiki, Crystals, Angels, Thai Massage and other ways to find - or maintain - physical, emotional and spiritual health.

We want to guide you and accompany you to encounter the balance and peace that belongs to you and can be part of your life permanently.