1. Packets are valid for one month

  2. The initial date is counted from the first class the student takes.

  3. You can freeze your packet for free for one week and a cost of 30,000 pesos for a period no longer than a year.

  4. The student - when enrolling in yoga classes accepts that - because it is a physical activity, Neutra Bienestar / DAR-MA SAS, the instructors and legal representatives are not responsible for injuries and/or illnesses that may occur during or after the practice.

  5. Packets are individual and non-transferable.

  6. The student is the only responsible for caring their personal items within the headquarters.

  7. Neutra Bienestar does not reimburse money.

  8. The students freely, voluntarily and concious authorizes NEUTRA BIENESTAR / DAR-MA SAS to carry out the processing of personal data and sensitive data that they have submitted on the occasion of their registration, authorization that will remain in force while there is a link with NEUTRA WELLNESS / DAR- MA SAS and subsequent to it, with the purposes provided in the policy of processing personal data.